Highly Segmented Targeting, High Market Penetration

Location and Time based, Extended Reach,Higher Response Rate

Developing Campaigns for world’s leading brands in all categories

Taking on Mobile specific Challenges


McCoopers Media SMS Platform

A Mobile Campaign Management and Delivery System combining multi-model mechanics, including SMS, MMS, WAP Advertising, and Video with predictive analytics.


SMS Short Code Application
McCoopers provides easy to remember (ETR) 4 to 6 digit short codes to execute Mobile Interactive Campaigns. This would help the enterprises to build their brand recognition and to offer Value Added Services (VAS) by building a channel of communication for constant engagement with the end-users and subsequently this channel can also act as platform to build a constant stream of revenue. We offer cutting edge, state of the art, Two-Way Premium SMS application (including short codes) to Agencies and Brands. We provide short codes of Telco Operators from all the countries in GCC and MENA region.


Long codes are also known as Virtual Mobile Number, Virtual SMS number or Long Number. McCoopers Media provides unique long code/virtual number services that allow two-way global communications through SMS.

McCoopers Media Mechanics

Used by Advertisers to lead consumers to store, to sell tickets, to offer ring tones and wallpapers, to offer discount coupons, and to show video of a product in action.

McCoopers Media Network

provides brands an opportunity to reach audience.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to companies at various levels. Our widespread network on the digital world ensures that client’s target audiences are covered apart from offline media.
We also offer designing and hosting corporate websites, planning of online media campaigns, SEM, SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and management of eCommerce sites.

International Media Representation

Our International Media Department represents several prestigious media for the Middle East And North Africa (MENA) region. McCoopers Media has excellent contacts with the Media and Advertising Industry and important advertisers throughout the region and is hence able to tap maximum potential for each of the media represented.